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kuchajar.jpg Ing. Jaroslav Kuchař, Ph.D.

Faculty of Information Technology, Czech Technical University in Prague
Address: Thákurova 9, 166 29 Praha 6
room: A-922

Research interests:
Web Usage Mining, Web Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Semantic Web, Web Services, Middleware and Cloud Computing

Jaroslav Kuchař is a researcher, lecturer and a PhD student at the Faculty of Information Technology, CTU Prague where he works under the supervision of doc. Ing. Tomas Vitvar, Ph.D. He has research interests and experience with numerous methods of web analytics, social computing, recommendation, personalization and semantic technologies. He has more than five years experience from computer industry as a developer of web applications using various web technologies. In 2011 he undertook PhD internship at DERI, Galway at the National University of Ireland, where he worked on a EU- funded FP7 project ROBUST and where he was focused on analysis of online social communities. Moreover, Jaroslav workes on EU FP7 project LinkedTV and worked on several CTU research projects.