Working with MATLAB/Simulink

Downloading and opening Simulink projects in MATLAB R2017b

1. Line follower project

First project that I have tested in Simulink was The Line follower project. It is a model of a small robot, that is supposed to follow a line drawn on the floor.

As can be seen on the following image, the project is divided into several directories, plus there is the LineFollower.prj file which is very important, because is should be used as a key for opening the project. Simply open this file in MATLAB and automatic scripts and MATLAB compilator will do the rest for you.

Overview of the Line Follower project

Under utilities folder there are MATLAB scripts which set up and clean the project + test script.
Folder track contains data of the particular tracks + their images (images load to the simulation so it seems that the robot is going around the track.
Folder flib contains definition of a S-function block. TODO: need more information!

In this case flib together forms a plant of a robot. It defines it's inputs, outputs and transformation function.
Under the folder models is the most interesting stuff: Simulink .slx models.

Now we have pretty good idea about Simulink project and it's models. We should link our knowledge into S-Taliro world. Task list:

  1. Study documentation for LineFollower
  2. Create MTL specification for LineFollower
  3. Run S-Taliro tools on the example