Tomáš Zahradnický
  1. 1.T. Zahradnický, MOSFET Parameter Extraction Optimization, Ph.D. Thesis, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, February 2010, The Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic, 2010.
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Personal Details
  1. Ing. Tomáš Zahradnický, EUR ING, Ph.D.
  2. Assistant Professor, 31 years
  1. Department of Computer Systems
  2. Faculty of Information Technology
  3. The Czech Technical University in Prague
  4. Kolejní 2/550
  5. 160 00  Prague 6, Czech Republic
  1. T: +420 2 2435 9852
Research Interests
  1.  Reverse Engineering
  2.  Parameter Extraction
  3.  System Optimization
Selected Publications