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Email: stepan.starosta[ℑ]fit.cvut[•]cz

I am associate professor at the Department of Applied mathematics of the Faculty of Information Technology of the Czech Technical University in Prague. I am member of Theoretical Informatics GRoup at the Department of Mathematics of the Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering and of the Research Center for Informatics.


Research interests


I am currently working with Štěpán Holub on a project formalizing Combinatorics on Words in Isabelle/HOL. The current published state of the formalization is available at

List of publications and preprints

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    Corrigendum: "On Brlek-Reutenauer conjecture", Theoret. Comput. Sci. 465 (2012), pp 73–74
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Preprints are (mostly) available on arXiv.


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