A Universal NfSen Plugin for Analysis of Network Flows in the Statistical System R

This software was developed as a part of the diploma thesis of my student Ing. Martin Kopp in 2012. The thesis can be found in the CTU diploma theses archive. The research was partly funded by an SGS grant "Security aspects of current information technology" No. SGS12/095/OHK3/1T/18.


A universal plugin for NfSen, which is a graphical web interface for the NeFlow collector nfdump. The plugin serves as connection between data from a sensor and a system for statistical analysis R. This interface allows for easier classification of captured network flows. The resulting plugin is useful in data mining and network security, where it enhances development and testing of methods for detection of potentionally dangerous users, groups or segments in network infrastructure. It enhances the network security infrastructure of the college and other organizations that deploy NsSen.

How to Obtain the Software

If you want to test, use, or develop the software, please contact Dr. Rudolf Bla┼żek via email.