An iPhone Application for Communication with the EDUX System

This application was developed as a part of the diploma thesis of my student Ing. Lukáš Kukačka in 2012. The thesis can be found in the CTU diploma theses archive.


A native iPhone application for one-way communication with the faculty’s education server EDUX. The application uses JavaScript while displaying HTML pages in iOS. The implemented application allows for browsing EDUX pages in a form optimized for the iPhone and viewing related PDF documents. Visited and preselected pages are stored for offline viewing. Changes of all preselected pages are automatically identified and their summary is presented to the user.

How to Obtain the Software

The application will be available to CTU students and the public on the Apple App Store (after a proper review by Apple). In the meantime, if you want to test or develop the application, please contact Dr. Rudolf Blažek via email.