RG - Random Number Generator for the Command Line


When executed repeatedly from the command line or a script, rg preserves the integrity of its internal random number generator via the option -I (capital i). Generating N random numbers using the -N option is thus the same as calling rg N times with the -I option.

Included is also a new command-line program microsleep that allows timed delays of processing with precision of 0.01 second.


The random number generator with microsleep is used in unix scripting languages to create realistic network traffic simulations in real testbed networks in combination with various existing network traffic generators. It is used for research and teaching in the area of network security.


The documentation in PDF format can be downloaded here.

How to Obtain the Software

The software can be downloaded from this server either for Linux or Mac OS X. If you want to test, use, or develop the software, please contact Dr. Rudolf Bla┼żek via email.