Welcome, this page contains information about repositories used for acm trainings on FIT-CTU. Note that the formal requirements of the BI-ACM course can be found on Tom’s webpage (in czech).

Each team is encouraged to create their own repository contatining prepared solutions to well known problems. (You can use school’s gitlab, github, etc.)

Team Project

Teams usualy have their own repository with solutions to problems they encountered. A team should be familiar with all codes they have in their repository because they will often have to edit these codes to solve a problem. Team repositories often have:

  • team macros, settings, etc.
  • codes in their own standard formatting

To make the process of preparing team solution library easier consider including these projects as git-module repositories in your team repository.

  • acm-problems – has problem definitions and datasets for testing

Coach Projects

All of the following projects are on school’s gitlab under acm group.


  • has problem definitions and data
  • script for testing correctness & measuring time efficiency


  • script tool for creating pdf containing codes


  • coach-managed list of best implementations
  • plain (without macros) code


  • made for coaches – it contains tools for preparing contests
  • contains list of other repositores with problem solutions
  • tools for standardized testing, building reports about solutions